Copic Sketch Marker (Green Shades)

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Alcohol based ink pens with Medium Broad tip and flexible Super Brush nib combination. Ideal for illustration, craft and caricature. Available in a variety of colors!
G00 Jade Green
G02 Spectrum Green
G05 Emerald Green
G07 Nile Green
G09 Veronese Green
G12 Sea Green
G14 Apple Green
G16 Malachite
G17 Forest Green
G19 Bright Parrot Green
G21 Lime Green
G24 Willow
G28 Ocean Green
G29 Pine Tree Green
G40 Dim Green
G82 Spring Dim Green
G85 Verdigris
G94 Grayish Olive
G99 Olive
BG13 Mint Green
BG18 Teal Blue
BG23 Coral Sea
BG34 Horizon Green
BG72 Ice Ocean
BG75 Abyss Green
BG78 Bronze
YG03 Yellow Green
YG05 Salad
YG06 Yellowish Green
YG07 Acid Green
YG09 Lettuce Green
YG11 Mignonette
YG13 Chartreuse
YG17 Grass Green
YG23 New Leaf
YG25 Celadon Green
YG41 Pale Cobalt Green
YG45 Cobalt Green
YG61 Pale Moss
YG63 Pea Green
YG67 Moss
YG95 Pale Olive
YG99 Marine Green

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