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Building a scrapbook can help you remember special times and occasions in your life. Memories of weddings, a family vacation or even a loved one’s birthday can be frozen in time. The more creative you are with your embellishments, the better the experience will be later on when looking through your scrapbook. But this creativity can get out of hand very quick, costing you a bundle per page. Cozy’s Scrapbooking wants to save you money when making memories in your scrapbook.

Save Money on Scrapbook Memories

The best scrapbooking stickers are hard to find and when you do find them they can cost up to $10 each. When creativity flows and you are shopping for stickers that $5 – $10 per item can turn into $100 very quickly. For a frugal shopper this is the ultimate no-no and we understand your frustration. That is why we have name brand scrapbooking stickers like Jolee’s, Disney, Martha Stewart, K&Company, Sticko and more marked down by up to 90%. We sell the same $10 stickers for only $1.

Thank You to Our Customers

Don’t think we haven’t noticed you taking notice of us. When Cozy’s started Cheap Scrapbooking for our customers we would meet at scrapbooking and home shows, we did not know the need for scrapbooking stickers online at discounted prices was so big. Over the past few years our loyal clients have shopped repeatedly with us, even with a slow website and less then easy-to-use design.

Now we are giving back to our online community of frugal scrapbookers and this is how.

• Faster and more reliable website hosting company.
• New easy to use website and navigation.
• A responsive design for browsing on mobile devices.
• New website search feature.
• International shipping is now available.

As mentioned above we now offer international shipping online to the following countries. Please notify friends and family in these countries that they can now find cheap scrapbooking stickers online.

• United Kingdom
• Australia
• Brazil
• Chile
• France
• Canada
• China
• Costa Rica
• Germany
• Ireland
• Italy
• Japan
• New Zealand
• Norway
• Philippines
• Puerto Rico
• Russia
• Singapore
• Turkey

If you haven’t already seen the updates to our website take a minute to look around. We have tried to improve the customer experience from the beginning of the shopping experience all the until the order arrives. Your feedback is definitely important to us so please feel free to email with your thoughts about our new design or possible changes for the future. You can also use the form on our contact page to send your feedback.

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