You Can Play with Your Photographs and Keep Them Too

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There was a time when pressing your finger to a photograph would result in a stern scolding. Photographs were a sacred medium that was to be handled with care. We were taught to hold them from their edges so we would keep oils from our hands off the images. They were kept in large books with plastic covered sheets, but they were boring… and really boring if you were a child.

These days you can have your cake and eat it too. Reprints, digital scanning and a whole lot of embellishments allow you to do something fun with your photos and still keep them tucked away safely. I would suggest printing a hard copy, storing a digital copy in a couple of places and possibly even uploading them to a cloud that will hold onto them indefinitely.

Digital Photographs, Reprographics

Everyone knows about digital photographs. You take a picture, it gets stored on a mini floppy disk looking thing (flash disk) and you can now take that out of the camera. Using the flash disk, you can place the images on the computer or anywhere really. (televisions, digital frames, projectors, USB drives, hard drives, literally anywhere)

Reprographics on the other hand allow you to take your photos that have been printed and turn them into digital copies. They can even clean up photos but that costs extra. So unless you are using a very special photo that has been damaged or you want to enlarge an image, you can just get them scanned in normally.

Using Your Photos for Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking really lets you get creative your great photographs. Once you have digital copies of photos, whether new pictures, enlarged images or cleaned up photographs from the past, you can work with them. If you want to get really creative, get multiple prints of the same picture or both an enlarged copy and a regular copy. You can cut out a piece from one photo and place it on another photo. This will allow your scrapbook pictures to have different features, catching people’s attention and making the experience more fun. There are many options when printing, even colorized prints, so you may want to try a few.

There are also many printing options available such as gloss. Remember this when deciding whether you are going to place a sticker, glue an embellishment or stamp on your photos. Glossy prints may not work well with some products and there are options that still give a shine while having an adhesive surface. Don’t forget these printing options can also be used artistically as well, giving your scrapbook different textures and shines.

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